General Dentistry


Teeth require fillings when a part has been lost to decay or has broken away and needs to be restored.  When fillings are required, there are a couple of choices:

White fillings

Tooth-coloured or white fillings are made from composite resin - the end result is a filling shaped, polished and matched to your existing tooth colour and so natural looking that it is virtually impossible to spot.  This type of material also has a natural translucency which reflects and refracts light, creating a natural tooth-like appearance.

Amalgam Fillings

These are the least expensive filling option.  Amalgam fillings are strong, and can withstand the forces of chewing. 

Amalgam Removal

Whether for health or aesthetic reasons, if you have existing amalgam fillings that you would like removed, these can be replaced with white fillings.  We use biocompatible materials for this process, rubber dams and medical air is available if required.

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